A Week of Hard Craft!

If there’s one hobby I love the most it has to be crafting and not just one particular craft. I love anything where I can get creative and I’m always looking at trying new things, hence why I’ve just purchased myself a sewing machine!

This past week I’ve been making some new things with most of my ideas coming from what I enjoy, so a lot of it is geeky goodness, ranging from The Walking Dead to Harry Potter!

First up I made this canvas based on the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, an absolutely brilliant series that you need to check out if you haven’t already. Season 2 starts this October which I cannot wait for!

Keeping with the Stranger Things theme I also got to work on these themed Christmas baubles.

As previously mentioned I love to design and make items from the things I have a passion for. I find this helps me to be creative, if you’re doing or making something you would want then you’ll enjoy it a whole lot more! Weirdly I think Negan from the Walking Dead is fab (he’s a rather handsome chap!) so I made this Lucille Canvas, complete with blood splatter. πŸ˜€

Finally not forgetting Harry Potter with this Deathly Hallows canvas which is one of my favourites!

I hope to show you more once they’re complete as I’m currently working on some more canvasses for Harry Potter, The Goonies and Beauty and the Beast.

What crafts do you enjoy doing? I’d love to see some of your makes πŸ™‚

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