Reliance by Paul McMurrough / Book Review

A dystopian thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat and left with an uneasy feeling! 

I was kindly gifted a copy of this book from Love Books Tours and Paul McMurrough, in exchange for an honest review.

Reliance by Paul McMurrough
222 Pages
Out Now

An eruption on the Sun leaves the Earth powerless, but is it a temporary inconvenience or the start of a spiral into anarchy?

Belfast Professor Martin Monroe knows the answers, but once branded a conspiracy nut, he struggles to get anyone to listen to his warnings of the impending disaster. His only friend, Simon Wilson, still coming to terms with the loss of his wife, is the only person who will listen.

Government Communications officer, Lisa Keenan, fights against bureaucracy, and her own lack of confidence, to get the word out. She enlists the help of Martin, despite the protests of her colleagues.

With a wife and new-born child to think of, prison supervisor, Derek Henderson, must weigh duty against family and live with the consequences of his decisions.

Will the world’s total reliance on technology, and the electricity that powers it, lead to the irreversible disintegration of society on a global scale?

4 / 5

A relatively short book but from the opening chapter it will have you gripped and on the edge of your seat which you will be on throughout!

The book starts before the eruption, with Professor Martin Monroe trying to warn others that this day is coming and to stock up on supplies as the power won’t return for a very long time. These moments before the eruption were definitely my favourite. They left me feeling so afraid and nervous as you knew what was coming, you were just counting down the hours – it felt like I was watching a disaster movie!

I think the most terrifying part of the book was that this could actually happen one day and the author portrayed the aftermath perfectly. The desperate actions of others, looting and criminal behaviour that happens in an attempt for survival.

The book follows the story of four characters, Martin, Lisa, Simon and Derek, with each of their paths intertwined seamlessly.

This really is full of action from page one, fast paced and will definitely have you crying at times. Some very emotional parts that worked so well and really captured how people can change when disaster strikes.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say I did not expect it to end the way it did. At first I was a little disappointed but after thinking about it, it really is the perfect ending as sometimes you don’t always need a conclusion!

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