Bad Debt by William McIntyre

A brilliant Scottish crime thriller with an added dose of humour!

I was kindly gifted this copy by Sandstone Press to take part in the blog tour, in exchange for an honest review.

Bad Debt by William McIntyre
282 Pages
Out Now

Opening Line: “You could tell it was summertime in Scotland by the longer intervals between the rain.”

Defence Lawyer Robbie Munroโ€™s wife has been stalked by a witness in a trial she is prosecuting. When the stalker is killed and Robbie is charged with murder his friends are only too willing to come up with schemes to prove his innocence. In the end though, will it be his enemies who make the difference?

4 / 5

This is my first book I’ve read in the Robbie Munro series (there are five before this) and I can guarantee it will not be my last!*

Despite having not read any of the others this didn’t matter. It’s a standalone book which you can fully enjoy whether you’ve read the others or not, but now I have ventured into Munro’s world I do want to go back and see how his character has developed.

Along the way you meet a whole host of characters who all fit seamlessly within the plot and I just clicked with every one of them. The dialogue between them was perfect and I felt at times like I was right there beside them.

What I love most about crime thrillers is the legal side of things, especially all the court room drama and this book provided me with all of this and so much more! It was great to see how a defence lawyer works and thinks, from the ways to explain things in court to loopholes with the system. I absolutely loved it and found it so fascinating.

However, if you’re thinking this book will be filled with pages of legal jargon, do not worry, as the author injected a perfect amount of humour into this too. Robbie Munro’s one liners really had me chuckling at times and definitely broke up any tense scenes.

Overall this is such a fabulous legal / crime thriller, that is full of plot twists, legal drama and hilarious Scottish charm to create the perfect book for all!

*I’m off to start book 1 of the series now.

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