Little Bones by N V Peacock

Edge of your seat, serial killer crime thriller that you will not be able to put down!

I received this advanced copy from Avon Books on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Little Bones by N V Peacock
400 Pages
Out 31st October

Opening Line: “Too many young boys are out tonight.”

I have three names: I was born Leigh-Ann. I became Cherrie. When I was a child, they called me Little Bones…
My father was Mr Bones – the notorious serial killer of 25 years ago.
As a child I witnessed his crimes.
Everything is different now. I have a new identity. I’m a mother. I am finally free.
Until that podcast. I should never have listened.
They’re linking a recent disappearance to the crimes of the past.
They know who I am. They’re calling me Little Bones again.
They say I’m a villain but I’m not. I’m a victim.
You believe me, don’t you?

4.5 / 5

I could not put this book down and what a rollercoaster ride it was!

The prologue sets this book up perfectly, was especially creepy and throughout I was forever referring back to it to see if my theory on who it was matched up….oh yes I got completely involved with trying to solve this!

Weirdly I’m a big fan of true crime and even though this was fiction it felt at times like a true crime book. It was very interesting to see what the daughter of notorious serial killer, Mr Bones, thought about everything that happened. As it turns out she used to help her dad, although she was a child at the time and didn’t understand the true extent of her Dad’s crimes. Throughout the book she looks back at her past and the stories are pretty gruesome but it felt very real and you could see why she did still love her Dad despite everything he had done.

Leigh-Ann, also known as Little Bones, discovers a podcast has been broadcast about her Dad revealing her true identity. Meanwhile another child has been abducted and then her own son goes missing. The book mainly revolves around her trying to figure out who took her son, even enlisting the help of her Dad! I think the fact this is about a child going missing was what had me on the edge of my seat.

This was full of twists and I honestly thought I had it figured out from the beginning, to the point where I was going to only give this 3 stars because it was too easy to solve….but no I was completely wrong and no matter how hard I tried or referred back to the prologue I still never figured it out and the ending linked back to the prologue perfectly!

Overall this was a brilliant thriller, that was nail bitingly good and had me on the edge of my seat throughout. If you love a bit of serial killer crime thrillers then this is the book for you!

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