Without A Trace by Mari Hannah

A fantastic crime thriller which you won’t be able to put down!

I received this advanced copy from Orion Books on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Without A Trace by Mari Hannah
400 Pages
Published 7th January

Opening Line: “Kate needed to be calm but was struggling to process the scene facing her.”


A plane on route from London to New York City has disappeared out of the sky. This breaking news dominates every TV channel, every social media platform, and every waking hour of the Metropolitan Police and US Homeland Security.

The love of DCI Kate Daniels’ life was on that aircraft, but she has no authority to investigate. This major disaster is outside of her jurisdiction and she’s ordered to walk away.

But Kate can’t let it lie. She has to find out what happened to that plane – even if it means going off book. No one is safe.

And there are some very dangerous people watching her…

4 / 5

Firstly I would like to point out that I didn’t know that this was book number 7 in the DCI Kate Daniels series and I will definitely be going back to read the others. Despite it being book number 7 it was completely standalone and there wasn’t anything about the characters I think I missed from not reading the others.

I think the best way to describe this book was like reading an episode of Criminal Minds, which suited me perfectly as I’m a huge fan. The action begins immediately with flight 0113 disappearing from the sky, but what makes this even more tense is that Kate Daniels girlfriend Jo was on that flight. What ensues is a search to find the truth….did Jo get on that plane?

I loved all the characters, especially Hank who was the perfect friend and loyal work partner to Kate. He definitely made me laugh at times too.

The book is action packed, tense and filled with a few twists along the way. Every part of the police team were brilliant and I loved reading about the way they investigated persons of interest and going undercover.

Overall this was a really enjoyable crime thriller that felt like I was reading one of my favourite programmes!

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