Into The Woods by David Mark

A dark and chilling thriller!

I was kindly gifted an advanced copy of this by Aries Fiction in order to take part in the blog tour and in exchange for an honest review.

Into The Woods by David Mark
298 Pages
Out Now

Opening Line: “The girl is beginning to return.”

If you go into the woods, you’re in for a dark surprise.

Thirty years ago, three girls followed a stranger into the woods. Only two returned. The surviving pair have never been able to remember what happened or what the fate of the third girl was. Local rumours talk of hippies and drugs and mystic rituals, but no one has learned the truth.

This story is just what Rowan Blake needs. He’s in debt, his journalistic career is in tatters – as well as his damaged body – and he’s retreated to the Lake District to write. Yet even Rowan isn’t prepared for the evil he is about to unearth, for the secrets that have been buried in that wood for far too long…


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This story takes the reader on a hunt for clues as each chapter alternates between present day with Rowan investigating what happened to these three girls and flashbacks to the past in the days leading up to when the girls disappeared.

The author does a brilliant job setting the scene and can be pretty gruesome in his details. I was especially uncomfortable with the details about Rowan’s hands (no spoilers).

It was a little slow to begin with, but once Rowan started to look into what might have happened was when it picked up pace. I really enjoyed the chapters which took you back to just before the incident happened as I was desperate and so intrigued as to what had happened and who was involved.

This is a very creepy and slightly disturbing story and the chapters near the end definitely felt very horror like to me. The author’s portrayal of what happened was so detailed and vivid that I genuinely felt afraid and made my skin crawl at one point.

Overall this is a slow paced mystery/thriller with a brilliant and horrifying end!

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