Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

An absorbing step back into the twisted mind of Joe Goldberg!

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes
439 Pages
Out Now

Opening Line: I buy violets for Amy. Not roses. Roses are for people who did something wrong.

Joe is no stranger to hiding bodies. In the past ten years, this thirty-something has buried four of them, collateral damage in his quest for love. Now he’s heading west to Los Angeles, the city of second chances, determined to put his past behind him.

In Hollywood, Joe blends in effortlessly with the other young upstarts. He eats guac, works in a bookstore, and flirts with a journalist neighbor. But while others seem fixated on their own reflections, Joe can’t stop looking over his shoulder. The problem with hidden bodies is that they don’t always stay that way. They reemerge, like dark thoughts, multiplying and threatening to destroy what Joe wants most: true love. And when he finds it in a darkened room in Soho House, he’s more desperate than ever to keep his secrets buried. He doesn’t want to hurt his new girlfriend–he wants to be with her forever. But if she ever finds out what he’s done, he may not have a choice…


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Oh it was good to be back in the warped mind of Joe Goldberg and I loved every minute of it!

I absolutely loved ‘You’ so was very much looking forward to continuing the story, although whilst it is fantastic, I would say it isn’t quite as good as the first book – only just.

Joe still wants to find his true love, someone who will love him and give him their all, however in this book I felt Joe was a lot more ‘murder‘ focused and less ‘stalker-ish‘. He basically has many moments where he is either considering killing that person or doing it. Yet despite all this there were still moments where I sympathised with him and I can only conclude that is due to the brilliant writing from Caroline.

If you haven’t read the first book then I would recommend doing so before starting this as it does make references to a lot of events that happened in the first book so it wouldn’t make any sense if you haven’t read it. Speaking of past events, this book links back to one in particular at Peach’s place and is his main worry throughout the whole book.

There were moments during the book that I felt dragged ever so slightly but the chapters near the end really picked up pace and (no spoilers) but I really enjoyed the ending and now I’m very excited to see what happens in the next installment.

Overall if you want more of Joe’s inner monologues and hunt for love then you won’t be disappointed!

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