Into The Fire by Rachael Blok

A slow building and intricate murder mystery that will have you hooked!

I was kindly gifted this by Head of Zeus to take part in the blog tour.

Into The Fire by Rachael Blok
377 Pages
Out Now

Opening Line: Pumpkins fill the kitchen and Lois’s hand is bleeding.

In a gorgeous mansion in the Hertfordshire countryside, sisters Lois and Ebba prepare to launch their new venture. Archipelago is an exploitation-free tech company whose virtual reality game promises to unite the worlds of technology, politics and the environment.

Invited to the launch party are their investors: current and ex-politicians, international business moguls and activists, one of whom – Marieke – has been receiving online abuse and death threats for her views on eco-politics.

DCI Maarten Jansen has been summoned to join the house party. He is sure the threats are from online trolls with nothing better to do – he’s only offering police protection because his boss wants to put the VIP guests at ease. But when eight of the guests are involved in a suspicious helicopter crash, Maarten starts to uncover long-buried secrets – and a murderer in their midst…


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was such a fabulous murder mystery / thriller that kept me guessing until the very end.

It’s the third book in the DCI Jansen series and this was the first I’ve read which I found to be completely standalone.

The story alternates between ‘Before’ the helicopter crash and the ‘Now’ as they investigate what happened. Chapters also alternate between characters and are told from the point of view of either Lois, Maarten, Filip or Iqbal.

This isn’t a fast paced book full of action but it’s not needed in this case. I loved how the author slowly builds the tension with each chapter as we learn more about each of the characters who all have secrets of their own. You are given little bits of clues here and there which I was constantly trying to piece together to work out who was up to no good.

The entire book is set in the one location, this mansion, (with a couple of flashbacks thrown in) which I think helps build that uneasiness that all the characters feel – the not knowing who is to be trusted and whether there is a killer among them. It was such a claustrophobic feeling and really added to the intensity of the mystery.

I don’t want to give too much away but everything was so intricately linked together and whilst Iqbal’s story was linked it also felt like a separate one entirely, especially near the end which I thought was so lovely and the perfect way to end the book!

Overall if you’re a fan of a good murder mystery then I highly recommend this to get your detective skills working!

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