The Girl on the Platform by Bryony Pearce

An intense and dark psychological thriller!

I was kindly gifted this by Avon Books to take part in the blog tour.

The Girl on the Platform by Bryony Pearce
400 Pages
Out Now

Opening Line: The girl is curled into such a tiny space that it seems she wants to disappear.

I am the girl on the platform.
When new mother Bridget catches her train home from London, she witnesses something terrible: a young girl is taken from the platform, right before her eyes. 
No one knows where I am.
But no one is reported missing and with Bridget the only witness, she is written off as an attention seeker. Nobody believes her – not even her own husband.
Can you find me? 
But Bridget knows what she saw, and becomes consumed with finding the little girl. Only she can save the child’s life… but could delving into the mystery cost Bridget her own?


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I will start by saying that I figured out fairly early on what was going to happen, however despite my suspicions being correct it didn’t spoil it for me.

I found the whole story to be dark and intense. Bridget is on anti-depressants and many times throughout I was questioning whether the things that were happening to her were actually true or just a figment of her imagination. I felt so confused with some events but I think this really helped get into the mind of Bridget because if I was confused then I could only imagine just how Bridget felt.

The first part of the book follows Bridget as she takes it upon herself to figure out who kidnapped this girl which at times were a little slow but added to the intensity of it all. No one believes her and it was frustrating at times to see her be put down by her husband and her own mother.

As mentioned, I had already figured out the ending, but the final third of the book when everything begins to come together were still my absolute favourite parts despite knowing what was coming. They were sinister and gave me a ‘Misery’ vibe. Everything suddenly felt very claustrophobic and it felt like I was reading a scene from a horror film – very intense indeed, that’s all I’m saying!

Overall I think this is a brilliant thriller and if you’re new to the genre then I would definitely recommend giving this a read.

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