The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward

A unique, dark and unsettling thriller full of twists!

The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward
352 Pages
Out Now

Opening Line: Today is the anniversary of Little Girl With Popsicle.

This is the story of a murderer. A stolen child. Revenge. This is the story of Ted, who lives with his daughter Lauren and his cat Olivia in an ordinary house at the end of an ordinary street.

All these things are true. And yet some of them are lies.

You think you know what’s inside the last house on Needless Street. You think you’ve read this story before. But you’re wrong. In the dark forest at the end of Needless Street, something lies buried. But it’s not what you think…


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I had heard so much about this book that I was so intrigued and couldn’t wait to start reading it. I was expecting big things due to all the hype.

It started off brilliantly, with chapters alternating between Ted, Dee, Lauren and Olivia who most strangely of all is a cat. Yes there is a chapter narrated by a cat which was so weird yet wonderful. This just peaked my interest even more and I couldn’t wait to see how it was to all unfold.

It is a book that is hard to review without giving away major spoilers which is not what I want to do as I do think everyone should just go into this story unprepared. I hadn’t read any spoilers before starting so I didn’t know what to expect and whilst it did start off amazingly well, unfortunately after a while it seemed a little repetitive.

At the beginning it was full of mystery and I was trying so hard to figure out what could be happening which was great. Halfway through you get a small hint which I then figured out and from that point it felt like more ramblings and I was just completely baffled, sometimes in a good way but other times not. Dee’s chapters I didn’t feel were needed, in fact I didn’t feel like her storyline added to the story in any way.

Despite me feeling like it plodded along in places it was definitely one of the most unique stories I have read. I say I was baffled for the most part but that’s what this book needs, it needs the reader to feel disorientated just like the main character Ted does. The ‘big’ reveal near the end, although already having figured it out, was done well and I especially enjoyed the authors comments at the end explaining it further.

Overall this was a slow burn thriller that is unlike anything I’ve read before. It will have you feeling confused from the very first page and if you don’t guess what’s happening then you are in for a real treat with the twist.

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