The Whole Truth by Cara Hunter

Another outstanding and flawless installment in the DI Fawley series!

I was kindly gifted this from Viking Books in exchange for an honest review and to take part in the blog tour!

The Whole Truth by Cara Hunter
432 Pages
Out Now

Opening Line: So you know what to do? Yeah I’m on it.

She has everything at stake; he has everything to lose. But one of them is lying, all the same.

When an Oxford student accuses one of the university’s professors of sexual assault, DI Adam Fawley’s team think they’ve heard it all before. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

Because this time, the predator is a woman and the shining star of the department, and the student a six-foot male rugby player.

Soon DI Fawley and his team are up against the clock to figure out the truth. What they don’t realise is that someone is watching.

And they have a plan to put Fawley out of action for good…


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Firstly if I could give this more than 5 stars I absolutely would!

This is the fifth book in the DI Fawley series and whilst they are all amazing, this has to be my favourite so far without a doubt – Cara Hunter really has taken this to the next level!

Yes this is a series but I do find them to be standalone, for example in The Whole Truth there is a brief reminder of each character in the police department before you begin and previous events are discussed helping new readers to catch up quickly. However, personally I would highly recommend reading the series from the beginning to really get to know DI Fawley. I’ve grown so attached to him now he feels like a friend which is possibly why I was on the edge of my seat with this latest installment.

The Whole Truth is perfectly paced and doesn’t deal in chapters. Sections are split but jump to different parts a lot, however not once is it confusing and it all reads so well, similar to how a crime series on the TV would look but on paper.

It’s definitely one of the best police procedural series I’ve ever read and nothing is ever as it seems. If you’ve ever thought you’d make a good detective then this book will definitely test those skills. Throughout it features different formats, for instance there are Twitter conversations, WhatsApp messages, Podcast recordings and drawings. All of these pull the reader in, making you feel like you are part of the team. There were plenty of times where I had to go back to check something – especially near the end.

The case in this book is an accusation of sexual assault which was dealt with so well and I felt the author really portrayed just how difficult it can be in these types of cases when it’s just a case of ‘he said/she said’ and the lack of evidence.

An ongoing storyline with DI Fawley was wrapped up nicely near the end and I’m pleased to say my earlier suspicions were correct. Honestly I could go on about this book for ages, it was just brilliant and that epilogue was just PERFECT! There is never a dull moment and the author will have you on the edge of your seat until that very last line.

Overall this was such an incredible read, one I couldn’t put down, but also had to put down because I didn’t want it to end so soon. Full of brilliant characters and chilling storylines, this is not to be missed!

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