The Point After by Sean Conley

An honest, raw and inspiring look at one player’s determination to join the NFL!

I was kindly sent a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Point After by Sean Conley
272 Pages
Out Now

Opening Line: It’s the biggest night of my life,October 10, 1992. Tonight Pitt will play the most storied team in college football, the University of Notre Dame.

A vivid account of life in the NFL–and an inspiring story of everything that comes after.

Against seemingly impossible odds, Sean Conley became the starting kicker for the University of Pittsburgh in his senior year. A year later, he suited up for the Detroit Lions. But when he joined the New York Jets soon after, Conley’s injuries caught up to him, and his lifelong dream came crashing down in a crisis of denial and fear.

The Point After is an all-access look at the NFL, one of the most intense workplaces in sports. Conley describes pushing through pain at NFL training camps, surrounded by rookies, All-Pro veterans, and long-shot undrafted free agents, all hell-bent on staying in the game. He recounts the insecurities he dealt with on and off the field, and the despair that overtook him when his career ended.

But while Conley thought life was over, it was just beginning. Transcending football, this is the story of an ex-football player who discovered the true meaning of sports and life, and found happiness in the most unexpected way. Embodying the spirit of the underdog, this is a moving tale of strength, determination, and spiritual grit.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Both me and my husband are huge NFL fans (numerous Wembley trips when the NFL visit the UK and we’ve even taken a trip to Pittsburgh where our friends live and toured Heinz Field where the Steelers play), so when Sean reached out to me to ask if I’d review his book I jumped at the chance.

I’ll be honest I very rarely read autobiographies / memoirs as I don’t always feel like they grab my attention, however Sean has this way of storytelling which had me completely hooked from the very first page. This book doesn’t feel like a memoir and throughout I had to remind myself that Sean was real and this all actually happened.

Understandably this is heavily focused on American Football and even if you know nothing about the sport don’t let that put you off. Sean explains everything so well and even as someone who does know a fair bit about the sport I was still absolutely fascinated, especially learning about the college process, agents and the hurdles many players face before getting their big break.

This book is about the determination of one man to land his dream, being an NFL kicker and whilst we see just how much effort he puts into this, we also see just how this ‘obsession’ can affect not only yourself but those around you too. A special mention to his wife Karen who was his rock and what a phenomenal woman she sounds.

I adored this book, not just for the football aspect, but I was completely invested in Sean’s story and I think we can all learn a lot from it. Ambition and determination is great but at the end of the day surround yourselves with those you love, focus your energy on that and everything else will fall into place.

Overall this was a fantastic book, so well written and a journey I thoroughly enjoyed reading about!

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