The Pact by Sharon Bolton

A psychological thriller that will have you questioning everyone!

I was kindly gifted this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The Pact by Sharon Bolton
384 Pages
Out Now on eBook

Opening Line: When they thought of that summer, it was to remember the bitter taste of the river in their mouths and the spatter of lager froth on hot skin; to recall days that began after noon and ended as the night sky paled in the east.

A golden summer, and six talented friends are looking forward to the brightest of futures – until a daredevil game goes horribly wrong, and a woman and two children are killed.

18-year-old Megan takes the blame, leaving the others free to get on with their lives. In return, they each agree to a ‘favour’, payable on her release from prison.

Twenty years later Megan is free.
Let the games begin . . .


Rating: 3 out of 5.

This was a decent thriller that kept me guessing until the end and then hits you with a twist that I didn’t see coming.

The beginning was really good as I loved learning about this group of friends and this daredevil game that they each have to play. It ends in disaster and Megan takes the blame which sets the scene for her release as each of the friends ‘owe’ her whatever it is she asks for.

After this the book skips to twenty years later and Megan is released from prison. From here we see what happened to the others and how Megan reappearing is going to affect them all. None of them trust her and don’t want to honour the ‘favours’ they agreed to all those years ago.

This is where the book becomes completely twisty as the reader and the group of friends don’t know whether Megan remembers what happened or if she is out to get them. I did really enjoy the mind games she was playing and it certainly kept me wondering what her game was, however once she admits to the others what is going on and the favours she wants from them it all seemed to go a little over the top.

It kind of went from this psychological thriller trying to guess what Megan is up to, to this horror/murder spree which I felt came out of nowhere and it all felt a little over the top for me. There seemed to be too much going on and the decisions that some of the characters made didn’t seem as though they would make those decisions….especially the twist near the end I still don’t really understand why that character would act that way.

Overall though it was a good thriller that will definitely have you questioning everyone but I would have preferred it focused on the favours that they owed (although some of them were ridiculous) rather than straying to something I didn’t find believable in the end.

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