The Murder of Graham Catton by Katie Lowe

Dark, absorbing and full of shocking twists!

I received an advanced copy of this from the publishers on Netgalley.

The Murder of Graham Catton by Katie Lowe
353 Pages
Published 10th June 2021

It’s the sound of my husband’s blood on the floorboards that wakes me.

Everyone says Graham Catton was the perfect husband, professor and father.

Why would someone murder him?

His wife, Hannah Catton, tells the police she remembers nothing from the night of the murder.

Why would she lie to them?

Evidence against the accused, Mike Philips, is minimal and he protests his innocence throughout the trial.

Why would they convict him?

Journalist Anna Byers has overturned numerous prison sentences with her popular podcast CONVICTION and she believes the wrong man is behind bars.

What will she do to help him?

Someone knows more about the murder than they’re telling. It may have been Hannah’s husband who was killed, but listeners are about to become judge, jury and executioner on this season of CONVICTION.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

If anyone saw me reading this book they would have seen a very confused look on my face…and that isn’t a bad thing! This book will completely mess with your head in every way, just when you think you understand what is happening it will throw a curve ball at you and make you question everything you’ve just read.

I especially loved the podcast element to this, even though it wasn’t quite as I was expecting (I thought we’d have full episodes per chapter), instead they were woven into the narrative as Hannah listens to snippets of the podcast here and there. As the podcast asks more questions and comes up with its own theories, Hannah’s life starts to unravel. She reminded me very much of Anna from The Woman in the Window, as she is an unreliable narrator. Her memory as to what happened isn’t clear, she starts hearing her dead husbands voice and due to the podcast she is made to be a villain who no one believes.

Chapters alternate between present day and the past where we discover more about Hannah and her husband Graham. Every chapter was so tense, loaded with this continuous doubt as to what is the truth.

Her patchy memory is needed though to also distort the readers thoughts. I honestly had no clue as to how everything would resolve itself and the final few chapters where answers are unearthed were fantastic and full of so many twists that I could not have predicted.

Overall this was an edge of your seat thriller with a dark and satisfying conclusion.

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