Once Upon A Puppy by Lizzie Shane

Take a trip back to Pine Hollow for another gorgeous and authentic romance that will make you swoon!

I was kindly gifted this from Headline Eternal in exchange for an honest review.

Once Upon A Puppy by Lizzie Shane
293 Pages
Out Now

Opening Line: In retrospect, a 140-pound Irish wolfhound mix might not have been his best impulsive purchase, Connor Wyeth acknowledged when he stepped out of his home office and saw the wreckage of his six-thousand-dollar couch.

Connor Wyeth has a plan for everything. But when he adopts Maximus, an unruly Irish wolfhound mix, he gets more than he bargained for. The only person Max ever listens to is the volunteer who used to walk him at the shelter – a perpetually upbeat woman whose day job is planning princess parties for little kids. Connor can’t believe she’ll be able to tame such a beast as Max, but he’s desperate enough to try anything.

Deenie Mitchell isn’t looking forward to spending more time with uptight, rules-orientated Connor – no matter how attractive he is. But when her sister announces her engagement, Deenie realizes he’s the perfect person to impress her type-A family. When she learns he needs a plus-one for his law firm’s work events, an unlikely alliance is formed. But then playing the perfect couple unexpectedly begins to feel all too…real.

Opposites may attract, but can this rule-maker and rule-breaker find a way to each other’s hearts?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

After adoring The Twelve Dogs of Christmas (check out my review here) I couldn’t wait to head back to Pine Hollow for book 2 in the series and it’s definitely my new favourite.

What made this book for me was Connor and Deenie who were complete opposites but it worked so well. Their relationship felt very authentic, with no grand gestures or love at first sight. We get to enjoy these two people who are so right for each other (even though they don’t think so) and see how their relationship blossoms. The ‘banter’ between them was brilliant and again felt so real, just how friends would act together by winding each other up.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Pine Hollow without some adorable dogs featured, however this story was less centered round the dogs but it was all thanks to Max’s unruly behaviour that brought them together essentially.

The romance is slow to build but I actually preferred this, sometimes less is more and I really liked how it explored the backgrounds of each character with the issues both of them were experiencing, from Deenie’s family not accepting her for who she is and Connor who has to have his whole life planned with no spontaneity allowed.

Finally as always it is filled with a host of supporting characters that are all equally lovely, but a special mention goes to Mr Burke who only has a small role but helps Deenie massively and had me feeling very emotional at one point.

Overall this is another fantastic and authentic romance from Lizzie Shane and I can’t wait to see what Pine Hollow has in store for us next time.

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