The Family Tree by Steph Mullin & Nicole Mabry

A captivating, page turning thriller with a shocking end!

The Family Tree by Steph Mullin & Nicole Mabry
401 Pages
Out Now

The DNA results are back. And there’s a serial killer in her family tree…

Liz Catalano is shocked when an ancestry kit reveals she’s adopted. But she could never have imagined connecting with her unknown family would plunge her into an FBI investigation of a notorious serial killer…

The Tri-State Killer has been abducting pairs of women for forty years, leaving no clues behind – only bodies.

Can Liz figure out who the killer in her new family is? And can she save his newest victims before it’s too late?


Rating: 4 out of 5.

What would you do if you found out you were adopted and there was a Serial Killer in your biological family? I know I wouldn’t actively search for him but Liz Catalano is a woman on a mission and the book follows her search not just for information about her real family but also which one is the serial killer.

I thought this was such a good idea for a book and how it linked up with the DNA provided for the ancestry kit. Even though I didn’t warm to Liz at all (I just kept shaking my head at all the decisions she made) I was fascinated as to what she was going to discover.

The book is told from the point of view of Liz which is broken up with chapters from the girls who are taken by the Tri-State Killer in chronological order. These were definitely my favourite parts of the book. They had me on the edge of my seat and I loved how you found out little bits about what the killer did which was then continued but with a different set of girls. It flowed perfectly and at times I felt like I was reading an episode of Criminal Minds.

It was fast paced and I was racing through it to read more about the victims. I was on the edge of my seat near the end when Liz visits a family member and everything starts to come together. My only issue is that I would have liked a slightly different ending but that’s just my opinion. However the ending was definitely twisty and the epilogue certainly leaves you feeling unsettled.

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