Ghosted: A Love Story by Jenn Ashworth

A dark and complex story about life, relationships and the choices we make!

I was kindly gifted this copy from Sceptre Books in exchange for an honest review.

Ghosted: A Love Story by Jenn Ashworth
304 Pages
Out Now

One ordinary morning, Laurie’s husband Mark vanishes, leaving behind his phone and wallet. For weeks, she tells no one, carrying on her job as a cleaner at the local university, visiting her tricky, dementia-suffering father and holing up in her tower-block flat with a bottle to hand. When she finally reports Mark as missing, the police are suspicious. Why did she take so long? Wasn’t she worried?

It turns out there are many more mysteries in Laurie’s account of events, though not just because she glosses over the facts. At the time, she couldn’t explain much of her behaviour herself. But as she looks back on the ensuing wreckage – the friendships broken, the wild accusations she made, the one-night stand – she can see more clearly what lay behind it. And if it’s not too late, she can see how she might repair the damage and, most of all, forgive herself.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This is definitely one of those books that I think you should read without knowing too much about it. The synopsis doesn’t give too much away and I went into this really not knowing where it was going to take me and I’m so glad I had no idea as when certain things are revealed they were a shock and made everything I read before it make complete sense.

The title of the book is very ambiguous as during the book it can certainly relate to being ‘ghosted’ in a relationship and there are definitely some ghostly presences that the main character thinks she can feel.

As mentioned it really is difficult to discuss the book without giving away major spoilers which are absolutely crucial to the story. But let me say that this book is dark and gritty. It will get under your skin and it felt so real. All the characters, especially Laurie are flawed but are so true to life, they could be any of us under the circumstances and I love how the author portrayed Laurie’s feelings and emotions throughout – she was such a troubled character but one you will care about.

Overall this is a beautifully written book that will suck you in, mess with your head, have you feeling heartbroken but ultimately rooting for Laurie who at the end will feel like someone you know personally. Don’t find anything else out about this book…..just dive right in and read it!

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