Two Metres From You by Heidi Stephens

An uplifting and gorgeous romance set during the lockdown!

I was kindly gifted this copy from Headline Accent in exchange for an honest review and to be part of the blog tour.

Two Metres From You by Heidi Stephens
272 Pages
Out Now

Gemma isn’t sure what upsets her more. The fact she just caught her boyfriend cheating, or that he did it on her brand-new Heal’s cushions.

All she knows is she needs to put as many miles between her and Fraser as humanly possible. So, when her best friend suggests a restorative few days in the West Country, it seems like the perfect solution.

That is, until the country enters a national lockdown that leaves her stranded. All she has for company is her dog, Mabel. And the mysterious (and handsome!) stranger living at the bottom of her garden . . .


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is my second romance I’ve read which was set during the lockdown and I have to say this was my favourite. I think the author got the balance just right between a love story and the details of the lockdown – I was worried it was going to focus too much on the lockdown but luckily you weren’t constantly bombarded with reminders that they were two metres apart, only now and again it was mentioned and I liked that.

The romance between Gemma and Matthew, whilst it did happen rather suddenly, felt just right and it wasn’t smutty which I always like. There were no detailed scenes, just two characters slowly falling in love….also how can you not love them, especially Matthew when one of his dates consists of sitting on the sofa, drinking wine and reading a good book!

All the while Gemma is lusting after Matthew she’s also dealing with finding herself and where she belongs which I thought was done with care and added a depth to the book. It was filled with some very funny moments which had me laughing out loud and how can I not mention Mabel, Gemma’s dog, who quite frankly was just awesome!

It’s got everything you want from a romance novel, a beautiful setting (I really want to live in the countryside now), loveable side characters, the annoying ex and the classic ‘will they, won’t they’.

Overall if you’re looking for a book that will have you smiling from ear to ear with a nice little reminder of the first lockdown then I urge you to give this a read.

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