Lucky by Rachel Edwards

A great thriller showing the devastation of addiction and the gambles you take in life!

Lucky by Rachel Edwards
261 Pages
Out Now

Etta wants to get married. Ola, her partner, says he does too, but he’s also allergic to making concrete plans and keeps insisting that they save enough for a house deposit before they even think of marriage.

So Etta finds a way to start secretly making money: online gambling. And how lucky that she just happens to be so good at it.

Soon she’s playing quite a lot. She doesn’t like lying to Ola, but it’s all for the good of their relationship. She’s even made a friend on the site, StChristopher75, and she’s invited to a special VIP party. And even if she is losing a little money here and there – or even quite a lot – she’ll win it back eventually. In the mean time, perhaps StChristopher75 can help her out with a little loan, once she’s met him in real life. He’s just won big, and he’s been so friendly and helpful.

And he says her photo’s hot. Why wouldn’t he want to help her?


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I was completely hooked by this to begin with as we watch Etta slowly succumb to online gambling.

The way the author shows how Etta finds herself on these sites and how she progresses to spending more and more was, I think, perfectly done. The descriptions of the websites were accurate and I liked how it showed the progression from bingo to the slots and just how easily it can be done.

These were definitely my favourite parts of the book. They were so intense and my own stomach was in knots seeing just how much she kept losing and all the payday loans she was taking out. I also loved the interactions with StChristopher75 who she begins talking to on these sites, however I did think this was going to work out differently to how it did. I was shocked when their interaction ended quite abruptly and took a different turn.

Whilst I loved the tension and the parts where she was gambling and speaking to Christopher, as mentioned, once this had come to a head the story took a slightly different approach which I wasn’t expecting at all. It felt a little disjointed and the things that Etta experiences seemed a little over the top and I didn’t feel there was any conclusion or explanation to one part of it.

Overall this is a quick read and one that really does look at how gambling can take over your life which I thought was executed really well and I thoroughly enjoyed. However I would have liked it to focus on this more rather than the route it did go down near the end.

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