The Kindness Project by Sam Binnie

Uplifting and heartwarming – the perfect bit of escapism!

I was kindly gifted this by Headline Fiction in exchange for an honest review and to take part in the blog tour.

The Kindness Project by Sam Binnie
336 Pages
Published 8th July by Headline

The locals of the Cornish village of Polperran are grieving the sudden loss of Bea Kimbrel, a cornerstone of their small community.

Now her reclusive, estranged daughter Alice has turned up, keen to tie up Bea’s affairs and move on.

But Alice receives a strange bequest from Bea – a collection of unfinished tasks to help out those in Polperran most in need.

As each little act brings her closer to understanding her mother, it also begins to offer Alice the courage to open her clamped-shut heart. Perhaps Bea’s project will finally unlock the powerful secrets both women have been keeping . . .


Rating: 4 out of 5.

A beautiful book that reminded me at times of PS I Love You as Alice is left letters from her mum Bea who has sadly passed away. Each of these letters ask Alice to help out someone in the village of Polperran and I found these so moving to read and you could see that these letters weren’t just to help Bea feel better but also to help Alice as well.

The village of Polperran and the residents who lived there were all so wonderful (well some of them anyway) and all I wanted after reading was to live there and become part of this amazing community. The author is fantastic at the details and her descriptions of the village, gardens and characters are all so rich and vivid that you have such a clear image in your head of the people and places.

Through the letters Alice receives from her mum she embarks on this ‘Kindness Project’ which was emotional yet uplifting to see as Alice finds herself, begins to deal with her anxiety and uncover family secrets along the way.

Overall this was such a lovely read exploring grief, kindness and learning to open your heart to others. If you’re looking for the perfect bit of escapism this summer then this is the book for you.

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