The Runner by P.R. Black

A brilliantly paced thriller with horror like elements, fantastic twists and heart stopping ending!

I was kindly gifted this by Aries Fiction in exchange for an honest review and to be part of the blog tour.

The Runner by P.R. Black
352 Pages
Out Now

You can’t escape him.

He abducts lone joggers and forces them to run for their lives. When he catches them, he pulls out his blade…

Now he’s locked away and will be in prison for years. They call him a psychopath, a murderer, the ‘Woodcutter Killer’.But what if you just found out you’re supposed to call him father?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book will take you on one hell of a ride that was nail biting, horror like and will have you on the edge of your seat throughout!

Freya learns that her biological father is actually a serial killer called the ‘Woodcutter Killer’ but despite knowing all this she still wants to visit him in prison and get to know him. From that first meeting the book is non stop as Freya suddenly begins her own investigation as to who the real killer is as her dad proclaims his innocence.

The investigative parts were brilliant, giving the reader small clues here and there whilst also providing some very tense moments when Freya starts finding notes left for her and gruesome discoveries.

Throughout the story there are chapters from the ‘killers’ point of view as he carries out these brutal acts of violence. These were so chilling to read and really increased that fear factor. The descriptions at times felt like I was reading a horror as they were pretty graphic in detail.

Everything felt so real within this book. The dialogue between characters was really easy flowing and captured each personality perfectly. It was full of hints throughout that will have you constantly guessing as to what or who is behind it all – I’m pleased to say I didn’t guess at all.

The ending was absolutely fantastic with the author not giving anything away until the very last moment and continuing to deliver twist after twist. I was thoroughly satisfied with the ending as when I’m reading thrillers I want something to happen that will completely shock me and this did just that.

Overall if you like your thrillers on the slight horror side, filled with jaw dropping twists and edge of your seat moments then I highly recommend this!

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