Nothing I Wouldn’t Do by Sara-Ella Ozbek

A wonderful story of female friendships, the love we give and when to take a step back!

I was kindly gifted this book to take part in the blog tour hosted by Random Things Tours.

Nothing I Wouldn’t Do by Sara-Ella Ozbek
352 Pages
Out Now

Jax Levy is an almost thirty-year-old low-paid ‘journalist’ with no hope of progression. She has a love life only ever centred around a bad decision and a family too complicated to explain. 

The one area of life that Jax has down are her friends – Clara, Omni and Alice are the loves of her life. So, when Clara announces her engagement to Ed, Jax hides all of her feelings of insecurity, and commits to becoming the perfect maid-of-honour. 

That is until she discovers something about Ed that will destroy everything. Panicked and irrational, Jax makes a snap decision to go on a wild mission to save her best friend from heartache. But the truth is far more complicated than Jax had imagined and that decision soon comes back to bite her…


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sara-Ella Ozbek has written a beautiful story about female friendships and does such a brilliant job at really showing the complexities of these relationships which I’m sure many of us have experienced at some point in our lives.

You are immediately introduced to Jax and Clara, two best friends who have grown up together and are more like sisters than friends. From the outset you know that both of them have complicated families and lean on each other for that support.

Bring in Omni and Alice and Jax’s friendship group is all the family she ever needs. From here we go on this journey with Jax as she continuously makes bad decisions, from her love life to how to deal with issues that arise just before Clara’s wedding. Along the way secrets are revealed which make Jax start to question whether everything she is doing is really for Clara or just for herself and starts to accept that maybe she’s giving more than she’s getting back.

There are so many great characters in this that you will instantly connect with along with a bit of a romance story in there too but above all else this shows the true meaning of friendships and what to expect from them. I also have to mention my favourite part near the end where Jax writes an article that was absolutely incredible and pretty much summed up everything about the love you have for friends – hats off to the author for this!

Overall this was a wonderful story that takes a look at friendship, love and independence – there are definitely parts that I’m sure everyone can relate to.

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