How To Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie

A unique story filled with death, humour and a wicked female protagonist!

How To Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie
400 Pages
Out Now

· Kill my family
· Make a claim on their fortune
· Get away with the above
· Adopt a dog

Meet Grace Bernard.
Daughter, sister, colleague, friend, serial killer…
Grace has lost everything. And now she wants revenge.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I was really looking forward to this as the synopsis sounded brilliant and to be fair the overall story was brilliant, my only issue with it was it was slightly too long and many parts really felt like they dragged – to the point where I skim read to get to the bit where she actually killed them.

This wasn’t the issue with each killing though. I absolutely loved the parts during the sex clubs, I thought this was a fantastic chapter and I only wish the others were as engaging as this. The parts with Byrony were also great as I really liked how the author explored the world of ‘influencers’.

I cannot fault the authors writing though, the character of Grace was so well written and the narrative was at times hilarious. Grace has a dry sense of humour and some of the things she comes out with made me laugh out loud and were spot on with what many of us would think in that situation.

The twist near the end was ok but did feel a bit convenient and I think I would have liked it to end a different way.

Overall though I loved the character of Grace, she was so witty and funny. There were definitely some stand out chapters and I think if it had been just a little shorter in places (it often felt like a lot of needless information at times) then I would have loved it. In the end it was just ok but not one I would be rushing out to buy.

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