I Am A Drug Lord by Anonymous

An interesting insight into the world of a drug lord!

I Am A Drug Lord: The Last Confession of a Real-Life Underworld Kingpin by Anonymous
320 Pages
Out Now

As you read this, someone somewhere is buying drugs.

Across the globe, millions of people are involved in the brutal, cold-blooded world of drug dealing, but only a small number make life-changing money. Only a few get to the top, make the calls, know how it all works and truly become drugs lords. And even fewer survive.

I know because I am one of those drug lords.

After thirty years, I’ve decided to retire and tell the story of how I got to the top of this tainted profession, what’s involved in being a serious criminal, the tricks of the trade, the art of the deal and what it really takes to stay alive for so long.

This will be my last confession. And I hope you learn something.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I previously read I Am A Hitman, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so was very much looking forward to reading about the drug world now.

Unfortunately it just wasn’t as intriguing as I was hoping for.

The first third was a little slow as we got more information about his childhood, with lots of history on the area and civil wars which his mother was involved with. Whilst it was fairly interesting, it did drag on and I wanted to hear more about the actual murky world of being a drug dealer.

Details on his life as a drug dealer eventually arrived and the book picked up pace as we learn more about his various meetings with cartels and the dangerous mistakes he made. That being said, I still found it was lacking. I think I was expecting more grittiness to it, similar to the hitman confession, but I have to say this was pretty tame in detail and story. A lot of it focused on his love life with one of the bosses of the drug cartels.

Overall it was an interesting read in places but was weighed down by too much back story and not enough about the actual underworld of a drug lord.

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