The Interview by Gill Perdue

A brilliant and addictive read that you won’t want to put down!

The Interview by Gill Perdue
366 Pages
Out Now

Detective Laura Shaw seems to have it all: a supportive husband, a happy two-year-old and a great career. She is her team’s top interviewer, brilliant at coaxing victims to open up.

Then, she meets Jenny – a 14-year-old assault victim – and the façade crumbles. Jenny’s stepfather is missing, the blood on her clothes is not her own and Laura can’t interpret the fairy tale she keeps repeating.

But Jenny isn’t the only one with secrets. With every hour that passes, Laura loses more of her grip, grappling with the biggest question of all:

Is every life worth saving?


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Wow this was addictive!

This was one of those books that had me itching to pick it back up as soon as I’d put it down for a break – I was completely gripped and desperate to know just what was going to happen.

Chapters are told from the points of view of Laura the detective, Laura’s colleague Niamh and finally, Jenny the victim / suspect.

I will say the subjects this book covers were pretty harrowing to read about at times but I think the author did a fantastic job of highlighting them through Jenny’s ‘fairytale’. It’s hard to know at times whether Jenny is telling the truth and just how to interpret her story she is telling. It really showed just how victims of such horrific trauma compartmentalise their feelings and thoughts in order to survive and move on.

I don’t want to go into much more detail as this really is best enjoyed without knowing too much. It’s an absolutely gripping story that slowly unravels with each chapter, becoming even more heartbreaking. Both Laura and Jenny have secrets and ultimately end up helping each other face their fears and past traumas.

A brilliant read that was so addictive and impossible to put down!

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