Undoctored by Adam Kay

Adam Kay is back but gets a lot more personal this time!

Undoctored by Adam Kay
288 Pages
Out Now

This is Going to Hurt was the publishing phenomenon of the century, read by many millions, loved by at least fifty of them, and adapted into a major TV series. But it was only part of the story.

By turns hilarious, heartbreaking and humbling, Undoctored is about what happens when a doctor hangs up his scrubs, but medicine refuses to let go of him.

It’s about an extraordinary medical school education.
It’s about opening old wounds and examining the present-day scars.
It’s about hospital admissions and personal ones.
It’s about blowing up your life and stitching it back together.
It’s about being a doctor and being a patient.
It’s about 300 pages long.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Adam Kay is back, except this time we hear about his life after leaving the NHS, but don’t worry he still shares some of his experiences from his days in medicine.

I absolutely adored “This Is Going To Hurt” and whilst I still thoroughly enjoyed this new book, it was a little different to his previous work.

Obviously we have less anecdotes about his time as a doctor as we focus on the next stage of his life but it was equally fascinating to hear more about his personal life with some very heavy hard hitting chapters that completely shocked me.

So whilst it isn’t as focussed on the doctor side and didn’t quite make as big an impact as “This Is Going To Hurt”, if you’re a fan of his previous books then I highly recommend this to complete the story so to speak.


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